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Anything You Want

Derek drops the mic on all the BS out there about why you should and shouldn’t start, scale, and sell your business. Do it if it’s your thing. Otherwise don’t. Go figure out what your thing is and do that instead. Tim Ferriss calls Anything You Want a Manifesto. I agree.

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Steal Like an Artist: 10 things nobody told you about being creative

The central premise is to “steal” ideas, but what Kleon is really saying is that it’s not possible to not be influenced but what you like and what you engage with out in the world. I like his treatment of your genealogy of ideas, in the same way that you are a “mashup” of your parents, your creative work is a remix of the things you are drawn to and want to be like.

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A Prescription for Psychiatry: Why we need a whole new approach to mental health and wellbeing

A Prescription for Psychiatry is an inside job. Author Peter Kinderman has written a manifesto for using the psychosocial model to address mental health in direct opposition to the alarmingly unhelpful disease model we have inherited. Kinderman draws battle lines between the biological approach to psychiatry, steeped in the medical tradition of pathogenesis, diagnosis and illness, and the social psychiatry model much more at home in understanding how life circumstances influence the way we make sense of and interpret the world.

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