My Ground Truth

Psychologist | Military-Grade Mindfulness Trainer & Coach | Carsten J. Grimm

Come Alive.jpg

I believe in the innate powerful growth need in all of us.

I’m with the humanists; if you remove obstacles people naturally evolve and refine.

To remove those obstacles, you add trust, being seen, and some really good questioning.

This is my work.

Coaching is a conversation where we figure out where the blocks are. It's where you do the heavy lifting of looking at the parts that need honesty and compassion. 

No hiding. 

It's where you know that someone sees you, hears you, and where you’re invited to look closer. 

It's where I’m in your corner, cheering for you, as you reach a little further, dare a little more, and become that more yourself.

Your true Self. 


If that's a conversation you'd like to have, let’s take that next step together.