My Ground Truth

Psychologist | Military-Grade Mindfulness Trainer & Coach | Carsten J. Grimm


I tell myself stories, stories, stories, all kinds of stories in all kinds of everyday genres.

I quietly recite the story of my entitlements, of what I'm owed and tales of fairness and what's coming my way.

I run the story of my fear past the editor of my ego and revise and re-visit the hero and the villain and oh how the reader must surely empathize with my protagonist.

I spin a story about soon and nearly and next time, as a sub-plot burying all the nows, heres, and these moments.

I re-imagine a story about coming home and letting go as if penning those words will somehow get me there or make me do it.

I write out lines as I commute or stand in line, always on, always connected, always scrolling, thoughts always churning.

In the spaces between me and others I tell stories of distances and differences, secretly knowing I could rework the verbs to be about closeness and humanity and all that we have in common.

But mostly I write an unending line of silent wishes for a change of authorship.

A fresh draft from a new seam of inspiration,

New characters with updated personalities,

Re-worked plot lines of confidence and prosperity of spirit.

A story where I write it as I walk,

Step, by step, by step,

I write it as I walk. 




I tell myself stories, stories, stories.... cjG. 

I tell myself stories, stories, stories.... cjG.