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Colombia Then Venezuela

Leaving Mompox is hard but easy when there’s nothing to do but head to Cartagena, only one of the most beautiful cities in the world. The passenger ferry takes care of business out of the savannah and two days later I roll through afternoon downpours and into that stunning Caribbean fort city that everyone has been wanting a piece of since Sir Francis Drake and the pirates were busy sacking the New World. We can all see why. Wow.

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The Guianas Part II

Jerry’s in Georgetown is another of those places where it’s difficult to leave the convenient easiness of being there for the frequent-grind of getting even the basic-necessities met on the road. Wifi upstairs with which to skype home (necessity), bar and good cheap eats downstairs, friendly cafe for writing-in down the road. And then leaving gets that much harder.

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The Guianas Part III

Suriname will forever bring me a smile when I think back on its humble dutchness. Yep even out here hidden in the malarial jungles and mangrove coastlines the Dutch have got it together making things rad. You know you’re in an ex-Dutch colony on disembarking the ferry from Guyana because there are canals everywhere. Pulling into Paramaribo (Parbo for short to her friends) you get this 18th century vibe from the buildings and the port, almost enough to make you wanna out-trade the French and Spanish or discover new lands and riches faster than the English and Portuguese. The reception is welcoming and excellently European and I settle into the only travellers-hostel in the whole of the three Guianas and enjoy.

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The Guianas Part IV

Kourou is a purpose built town from the 1970s the architects of which neglected to design any character into. Everything here exists to support the European Space Centre launch facility, which is here due to its proximity to the Equator and that money-for-nothing Coriollis-Force helping to fling satellites into orbit. And I am here to catch one of those launches and my timing is excellent. Thanks to the comedy of timing that comes from damaging your digit.

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Big Brazil

From Macapa on the northern banks of the Amazon it’s a 26hr ferry-ride through the labyrinth of islands in the delta archipelago to get to Belem, the mainland, the start of what I know will be an endurance test of thousands and thousands of highway miles.

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Necessary Conversations

So it´s time to make the final run towards Rio. Which means big days and big miles and I am well-aware that I am making some big overdrafts on my psyche to get where I want to in the time that I want to. I don´t see any viable alternatives, this just needs to happen.

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