My Ground Truth

Psychologist | Military-Grade Mindfulness Trainer & Coach | Carsten J. Grimm

Not Without

I’m not currently at work. I’m not sick. Not divorced. Not an amputee. Not a junkie. Not depressed, anxious, OCD, injured, not with an undiagnosable condition, tumour, or cancer. Not hated by the media. Not without a job, not in debt, not hungry, not tired, not overworked, not taken for granted or exploited. Not an absent father, not without friends. Not awaiting a court appearance, not fresh out of jail, or with a conviction hampering my ability to move on with my life, or with any conviction for that matter. Not without a history of past lovers who have held me and been there for me and helped nurture me along the path for seasons at a time that was beautiful and cherished and a blessing in my youth and twenties that I reflect on often and send out silent wishes for those beautiful people to all be happy and cherished and loved and karmically rewarded in this lifetime somehow. Not without a career of my choosing that allows me to use my strengths and experiences to help people become better versions of themselves and to hopefully be part of something bigger to help shepperd in a better way of being amongst a specialised community in a small corner of the world. Not without hope. Not without ambition. Not without happiness.