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Best me

Easter weekend 2017.

Staying in Nelson, in an Air BnB we found, I found, through curiously searching the maps and images within the price range of acceptability. Walking the Nelson town, following the whispered hints, fortuitously picking up on the crumbs of suggested alternate routes with all the rewards of serendipitous discovery. Met Christie, in her heritage housed clothing store, and chatted revolution on the porch. Under suggestion from Christie walked to the gallery, the Suter, for inspiration from the hangings, and soothing from the gardens, and nourishment from the salad cabinetry. I drank chai from Mister Chai at the markets, and while it's only a fleeting conversation over the transaction, a little piece of me feels like I'm with my brother briefly,

each time I call him by his name or he by mine and we pretend for a few seconds or so like we're life long friends.

And all in all openness brought me here, and there, and then on to the next providence, openness and not needing or wanting to control too tight or hold on too much.

So whatever that is, it is my finest quality. 



Best me, with my family, best place to be - cjG. 

Best me, with my family, best place to be - cjG.