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Things I Routinely Forget: A List

My sunglasses. Particularly now that I have had my prescription put in them.

To take my vitamins, but then I will remember halfway through breakfast or later in the day so that's not so bad.

That I enjoy walking by myself listening to lectures or podcasts. It always calms me and resets my dials I don't know why I don't do it more frequently, the wise words of Shane Mulhall from the School of Philosophy in Ireland, especially Philosophy and Happiness, is one of his best talks in my opinion.

I forget that I am patient and kind, and somehow I end up being short and bitter to be around and I don't know how that happened.

I forget how much I need my own clear space to sit and write, or to just sit and reflect and let the muddle in my mind settle into still clarity. I forget I need to do this regularly, often, daily, and then it's been a few months and I wonder why I'm off track somehow. Same thing with meditation.

I forget my favourite songs, and then I take such joy in rediscovering them.

I forget the joy I take in hanging out with my friends.

I forget to stretch or to do yoga, and then wonder why I'm feeling it in my back or in my hamstrings.

I forget that dishes left on the bench or unfolded washing in a pile, or the fact that I'm the only one taking out the rubbish again, must mean I'm surrounded by other people, my family, and that I am one of the lucky ones. I forget to be grateful for my family. How do I forget to be grateful for my family?

I forget that there are enormous, daring, tremendous tasks to be done and that my small day to day life is only a fragment of my entire potential.

I forget that this is only one way of living; this job, this house, these routines. As grateful as I am for them right now in this moment and as much as they serve me and as much as fortune has smiled and reigned down on me, I could be happy and just as productive in other towns with different commutes and other daily habits.

I forget that this is all just a play. A very short, fleeting, speck of time in an eternity stretching out in all directions, on a small planet hurtling through space around a pretty ordinary star.

I forget that how we live has changed, and is changing, so rapidly that most of us haven't caught up and figured out how to make it all work properly, and that our systems haven't caught up and figured out how to support us and make this healthy and sustainable yet.

I forget that no-one else is responsible for my happiness but me. I forget that I alone get to choose what I am going to allow myself to routinely think. I forget that what I practice I get good at, both good and bad. I forget that blaming other people for where I am at will not change where I am at.

I forget that I am you. That we are all Love. And that our relationships together are the only thing we will ever have of any real value.

I forget to let go, and to enjoy this miraculous ride.





There seems to be no end to the important stuff I forget every day - cjG