My Ground Truth

Psychologist | Military-Grade Mindfulness Trainer & Coach | Carsten J. Grimm

All the things I could do

All the things I could do right now, a partial list.

Write this blog post, go eat some m-and-m’s, scroll through Facebook again, obviously. Check my online auction. Write in my 4-year-old-daughter’s baby book that I don’t think I’ve touched in well over a year. Call my grandad who’s been on my mind so much lately, I’m worried it might mean something and I worry about the implications of not calling him considering it’s also been well over a year since I think I last checked in. That officially makes me a shitty grandson.  

I could check my work emails. I could work on my side hustle(s), take that next step, get moving, create some content, flesh out the concept some more. I could review some of my past writing, because good writing is re-writing. I could FaceTime my mum, it’s been a couple of weeks and we must be just about due. I could text my mate who’s just about due, their third, and with a tricky anticipated complication this time. Could reach out to an old friend who I’ve lost touch with.

I could make a cup of tea.  

I could notice this swirl of thinking.

I could notice my anxiety.

I could sit in a chair and observe my breath.